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Just in the last couple of days I’ve been noticing that Z is more tolerant of V. He is letting her play with him and shows more affection to her as well.

Yesterday, he was letting her put a marble down a ramp while they were playing with Marble Run. This morning, he let her have the red race car while he played with the blue one. I took them to the doctor for her 12 month checkup and she was so upset from the three needles she got. I asked him to grab some tissues for her nose and he offered to wipe it. Aww. So sweet. And he was also offering words of comfort to her while shrews crying, telling her, “Just one more needle, Violet.” It really made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

For about a week or so now,’our little girl is fully walking. She is able to stand from sitting, very quickly, and turn while walking. She can also climb the stairs (of course we stay with her for that). It us been a crazy month at work and I feel I miss so much while I’m at work. Sigh


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