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A Year At a Glance

Here is a short update on V, at 12 months.

Gross Motor Skills
– walks 1m on her own
– stands for long periods of time on her own (about 3-5 minutes) while holding something
– climbs stairs and stools
– walks with one hand held
– rolls and bounces ball

Fine Motor Skills/Hand-eye coordination
– Feeds self using a spoon (yogurt, conger, mashed potatoes)
– drinks small amounts of liquids from a cup on her own
– able to put a straw into a small hole on yogurt bottle
– puts Lego figure helmets onto heads
– places lids onto containers

Communication/Language Skills
– understands Sentences and responds with a nod or head shake
– signs please, more and all done
– vocalizes frustration and anger when something is taken away from her

Social and Play Skills
– recognizes and moves to music
– pretends to talk on the phone
– understands “snuggle” and will put her head onto chest
– gives kisses and blows kisses
– waves hi and bye
– smiles and plays shy with new people

– eats strictly table foods
– loves to feed herself
– bites whole fruits
– loves strawberries and raspberries, grapes and watermelon

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