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Today we were brave again and ventured downtown to check out the Word on the Street. This time we were prepared for the day – to feed and nap the kids outside the house. Before we headed to the tents, we stopped by Starbucks on Yonge.

The event was not interesting for Z. So we walked towards Huron-Washington park so that Z could play at least while V napped. He had so much fun that he was jumping on to the slide to go down. That playground is truly one if the best ones.
After we ate lunch at New Generation. Z had a good appetite but not V. By the end of lunch Z was so exhausted he actually wanted to sleep. And do we walked him in the stroller – he napped for 1hr 20 min. It got too windy that we had to tie a scarf around his seat opening to reduce the wind.
It was a great day overall, being downtown. I think we will definitely donor more often, now that we know Z will map in the stroller.

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