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I have the best start and end to my days each day (except when his school
is closed for the Jewish holidays). I get to drive him to my school and drive back home with him. At the end of the day I get to look forward to hear him squeal in excitement each time he sees me approach the Fun Bus.

Today when I picked him up he was a mess. He had paint all over his white sleeves and his polo shirt around thr collar and his pants and shoes were super sandy. To top it off, on the way home he ate the rest of his chocolate chip banana muffin from Starbucks this morning. There were crumbs EVERYWHERE.

By the time we pulled up on to our driveway, his car seat ant the may under him was covered in sand and muffin crumbs. He was a big mess. So I grabbed him a change of clothes but he refused the shirt. I guess he was hot all day and it felt refreshing to be shirtless. He was happy to play basketball barefoot and topless.

While Z was busy playing on the inner driveway, V was in the car just hanging out. She was having so much fun just touching and exploring all the different parts of the dashboard.

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