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Weekends are even more precious to us now that we’ve gone back to work. I missed wearing V for her naps and it felt so nice to have her fall asleep in me. Even M has admitted that he missed having her in him, too. V has also been teething a lot and has been fussier and clingier than usual.

Of the10 sick data we have, I’ve already taken off 1.5 days. That one day is today – for Rosh Hashanah. We had a brunch instead and the boys wore their kipots. Looked so cute.


I love playing pretend cooking with Z. He has such vivid imagination. We made cupcakes today and pasta. Earlier I had him help me bake an apple pie. I let him cut the apples after they were cored and sliced. He used a butter knife, not to worry.

V has this thing with putting any article of clothing onto her head. As if dressing herself. It’s funny watching her, especially when she has underwear instead. She grabbed my nursing bra and put it on and it happened to slip onto her head and it looks like a hijab. Haha.


It’s not often I get to dress Z in a smart outfit like this. We were attending a baby naming ceremony. If he had his way, he’d dress himself in basketball shorts and a tee all day. I love it when little guys dress like big guys. Not only does he look handsome and adorable but I just want to hug him to pieces.

After a late lunch and a last minute decision to stay downtown, both kids fell asleep in the stroller. They were so exhausted that sitting in traffic would’ve just resulted in two overtired and screaming children.

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