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Everyday after school when I see Z, he is famished. So I make an effort to bring him a healthy snack – like a cheese stick, and an apple for us to share. (He has a lollipop in his hand from the morning. I gave it to him because he started crying and got upset because we were parting.) So even though he has a lolli, he still ate the cheese, and had some apple after.

If there is one thing kids hate about water, it is when it gets into their eyes. So I’ve figured out a way for Z to have his hair washed. I showed him how to slide down and rest his head back. He lives it because it’s relaxing!

V loves her big brother so much that she will copy everything he does, and get really excited when he’s around. She saw him coming into the tub and was so excited about it she started shrieking.

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