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Pretend play with kids is so much fun. Ever since we’ve switched our playrooms up, the new space has been so much better. Not only is there more light but it’s a true playroom without the distraction of the tv. We set up a cafe and sat Eyore, Geoff and baby to serve them food. Even V wanted to taste the food on the tray that is waiting to be served.

Mmm, IKEA frozen yogurt. I’m not sure what the deal was but it was insanely busy there. We had to circle the ground level parking lot about 3 times before going to the upper level to park. It was so busy in the store that it was even difficult to maneuver the shopping cart. We were running late for dinner so the kids got to eat some frozen yogurt.


After work, it’s do nice to just enjoy our kids’ company. I try to not do anything for at least 30 min and just sit but it’s hard sometimes. Dinner has to be prepared and things have to be done. Here, both kids are watching tv and snacking on cucumbers. V loves to just gnaw on a whole piece while Z likes it sliced and slightly salted.

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