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Today was the first day of school. Leaving the kids was easier than I thought but I missed them throughout the day. Both of them didn’t cry and were good. It also helped that we have Irene back.

The weather was horribly humid and being a sweaty person, it was not a good situation at all. sweat was literally pouring off me and I was drenched. I was so hot I couldn’t even think. And I was vocalizing my thoughts about how hot it was.

Nevertheless, I survived the day. I also have a huge headache that is lingering. I’m hoping tomorrow will be better.


One Step Closer

It has been three days in counting since Z napped in underwear. While we were over at our friends in Whitby, M accidentally forgot to put a diaper on him for nap time. I was very surprised to find that he was dry when I picked him up after he woke up.

Ever since then, we make him go pee before nap and we just don’t put a diaper anymore. It’s been good so far. Hopefully the nanny will remember to tell him to go pee as well. We are not rushing for the bedtime one yet as he has been doing so well with this potty training thing.

Another improvement has been the night time sleep. No more waking up at night since M has been putting him to bed. He cries and screams for me but eventually calms down and goes to sleep. Of course, M is with him the entire time, singing and rubbing his back.

As for V, I think we are back to square one. And do is work. We start tomorrow and I’m not too thrilled.

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