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Childcare dilemma

We have recently run unto a dilemma with child care arrangements. Prior to our trip to Amsterdam, we made arrangements for a home daycare for the kids for when we return to work. We knew the nanny wouldn’t get here in time.

On Tues, we dropped the kids off for 2 hrs at the home daycare and we got to go for chiropractic services. Z was crying even before he got out of the car but was distracted quickly with the Octonauts on tv (it’s his favorite show). V didn’t even cry. we told him we’d be back soon – around 11:30am.

Off we went, all nervous for the kids. I’ll admit, it WAS nice to be without the kids but we missed them! By the time we got there to pick them up, all we could here from the car, as we pulled up across the street, was Z sobbing and crying really hard. We got worried.

We found out that Z was good until a few minutes before we got there. It seems he was miserable there. V was happy to be around the girls. I quickly scooped up my boy to give him a tight hug. Apparently, V slept for 15 minutes in the playpen upstairs and cried for only a little bit. I was happy to hear that because I didn’t think she would sleep at all.

Then just yesterday and today, M and I were talking about the daycare situation there. We really do not approve of it – regardless of he fact that it is cheap. For $35 a day per child, I still expect someintellectual stimulation and creative playtime that doesn’t involve having the tv on the entire day. It makes me upset every time I think about it.

There are some other things that concern me. For example, she has no video monitors anywhere so how does she know if V actually slept? We discovered that V has a sore throat because her voice is a little hoarse today. Maybe she was crying for a lot longer than what she told us. How could she possibly hear anything with the tv running and all the kids around?

It happened to rain that day and so the kids all stayed indoors. Who knows what they do all day? Besides, I don’t think she CAN do much with them. I didn’t see any books or educational toys at all. I just can’t take it anymore. We are not sending our kids back there again.

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2 thoughts on “Childcare dilemma

  1. It works for me! on said:

    Perhaps the reason your child V was crying is because she is so over tired and teething – as you said yourself, she’s been getting up at night every two hours. While that daycare situation is not for you, it is for some people. You judge so quickly about what goes on there – but you only left your children there for a few hours, once. To imply that no learning goes on there after just a few hours would be like someone sitting in on one of your classes for a few minutes and then judging you by those few mintues. How would you like it if someone implied after just one observation, that you are a shoddy and shady teacher because of what they perceived was going on? Don’t think you would like that too much. I wish you much luck in your search for the ultimate daycare – may you find one that rocks your child to sleep, that has video cameras around, that has the educational resources you desire, and one that can live up to all your expectations. Perhaps you should just start your own, then you may be truly satisfied.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. We’ve corrected the mention of the daycare by name. It was an oversight.

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