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This week has been a very busy and stressful week. Why? Well, it IS the last week before we go back to work and that makes Zander very anxious about being apart from us. (This has been giving him a lot of nightmares every night – 3-4 times waking up upset.) Secondly, we have no childcare arrangements for the kids when we return to work. Thirdly, M and I have not gone into to work to prepare anything yet. Lastly, the house is a mess. Nonetheless, we are still trying to enjoy our time together.

Anyhow, we had a busy day today. The teacher rally was today and we took the kids down to Queens Park. We left the house earlier and found parking. Then we walked to Rol San for dim sum since Z was claiming that he was hungry. V was not interested in eating because she was just tired. She fell asleep on the way to Queen’s Park – but for only 20 minutes. We stayed there for about 1 hour and left because the kids needed to nap. Z had a short one – 30 minutes only.

But we found a playground on Hoskin that was awesome and Z had a great time while I walked with V for her nap.

Z was so tired and silly at dinner time and this is what he was doing.

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