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Sleep Training Update

It will be a week tomorrow since I initiated sleep training with V. The 3rd day was the best one since she stayed in her crib all night and didn’t have frequent waking.

Lately she has been teething – upper front two teeth are slowly coming out. I can see them there and they have partially broken skinning the gums but not out out yet. So her night times are rough, waking every 2 hours. Last night I just brought her in around 10:30 so she could at least just nurse on demand.

I’m hoping the teeth come out sooner so she can have much better sleeps. We want to sleep train her for naps as well. Besides she is starting home daycare tomorrow for half a day. I’m worried for Z and V. More for Z because he always dreads when we have to leave his side.


The summer is ending. Oh no! M and I are trying to spend more time with the kids before we go back to work. We met with our friends and their 2 girls at a park with a splash pad and spent the morning there.

The kids had a blast and we had some takeout food from the First Markham Place for lunch. It was a nice and fairly relaxing time. Z discovered that if he put a ball in the upward sprinkler that the ball would stay ” afloat” from the water spraying. It was so cool – like a Eureka for him. I think he was proud of what he discovered. I am.



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