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Saturday’s are great for many reasons. One of them is the Evergreen Brickworks. We headed down there just after 9am and found ourselves very glad we did. The Farmers Market was
teeming with fresh produce. The lovely golden beets and colorful carrots screamed put to us so we bought 3 bunches. I have never had such delicious beets before. The golden ones make the red ones pale in comparison.

We were a little late for the Hands in the Bowl program, but managed to join in anyway. It’s a great kids cooking program that has a max of 12 participants. Z got to make bean dip today, even though he didn’t like it. (He even expressed his dislike for the food. Then on the way out, he told the coordinator that he will be back and that, “next time, I will choose what I want to make.”. V got to wear an apron, too, so she didn’t feel left out.

After, we headed to the Chimney Court. It’s a great space with plants and water collecting structures. Nice thing is that the kids can water the plants with watering cans available. As well, they had a cattail seed mud ball making activity that Z thoroughly enjoyed. After the seed balls were made, Z got to throw them into the water. That part was fun for him. (I didn’t get to see it because I was napping Vin the stroller.)

Then it was lunch time. The highlight was Jamie Kennedy’s fries. The best fries, hands down. So good. We also got grilled cheese sandwich since Z was not eating the taco salad we got. I think it was just too hot, noisy and overwhelming for him to eat. In the end, he did.

It was a packed and busy day. A great way to spend a nice Saturday morning.


A family membership has its perks at the Toronto Zoo. It is so close to home and we love packing a picnic. Both kids love the splash park and its a great way to play outdoors without overheating. Our picnic consisted of ramen noodles, rice, miso soup, lots of fruits and drinks, that I packed in our cooler bought from Canadian Tire on sale.

Picnics are Not as intimidating as most people think, especially when you have kids. I got Z to help me pack the cooler and he loved it. For food, I decided to bring along these little plastic cups, which were so handy. I put a little bit of noodles and soup and one can just drink the cup of noodles. It’s also easy to feed the kids.

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