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Today, we ventured into downtown Toronto by public transportation. It’s amazing how LAZY some people are in TO!!! Having a double stroller with 2 kids, it IS impossible to take the stairs so the elevator is our only means up and down. What we noticed was despite the fact that some people see us waiting for an elevator, they still wait and jam into one without any sort of guilt. Unbelievable. Seriously, I wish they would be more considerate.

Anyhow, we happened by the Toronto Buskerfest down by the St. Lawrence Market and we got to see a beatboxer. Z enjoyed the performance very much. For lunch, we had poutine from the Poutine Machine. (We were hoping for more food trucks but they were not opened yet.) We had planned to nap the kids in stroller and had a hard time because Z started to whine about wanting to go home. He eventually fell asleep at 1:30pm and V, shortly after in the Ergo on M. That was when we decided to go in the Eaton Centre to cool off.

Going downtown by TTC was always intimidating for us – mostly because of our kids’ need to nap at home. We managed today and it worked out. Both kids had a lot of fun downtown and it’s definitely worth the trip. We will do it again this Saturday.


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