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228/365 Big Birthday Bash

Today, Zander turned 3. This has to be his biggest party ever. We had 29 adults and 18 kids that attended!!! And we also hosted it outside since we wanted to keep the house clean. After breakfast, we got started in preparing for the party – washing outdoor toys, setting up outdoor furniture and decorating.

Z had a lot of fun washing the outdoor toys with Yaya and even Violet started playing with the water table. Both kids were soaked, but totally happy, by the time they came in for lunch. I made a ramen noodle salad with grilled chicken breast, homemade soy sauce dressing and some fresh vegetables. We treated him to a jello cupcake that I made from a recipe I found on Pinterest last night. I also made a delicious buttercream frosting and I am proud to say that I did by eyeball!!! I’ve never been able to have much success with buttercream, but this time, I did.

Naptimes and bedtimes have been a challenge lately, since returning from our trip. His whole barrage of excuses have become more elaborate and almost believable. “I’m STILL hungry. I want some real food.”, I can’t sleep for very long.” Sometimes, I just get impatient. So I have to tell him that I will be back in 5 to check on him and I usually do not return because he falls asleep eventually – albeit it’s usually more than 5 minutes later. So today’s nap was no different.

For his birthday outfit, he wanted to wear his basketball jersey I got him from Value Village. He was so excited that his birthday had started. Throughout the party, he was so good – sharing all his toys with his friends and not having a single conflict with anyone. He also ate fairly well. Zander, being himself, he chose to spend most of his time playing where only a few of the kids were playing. And he was happy to do so. At one point, I even found him wiping and washing the side door with a J-cloth. (What kid cleans on HIS birthday?”

The best part of the party was when it came time for the cupcakes. I explained to him yesterday that he needed to think of a wish to make before blowing out his candle. I also told him he need not say his wish out loud. For someone who has a very good memory, he forgot what I had told him. So, just before he blew his candle out, he closed his eyes, squinted hard, and was even covering them with his hand, amd made his wish out loud. It was so cute.

It was a great party – and everything went smoothly and on time.



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