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Play doh is such an awesome toy. It leaves so much to the imagination of the user. When we were in Amsterdam, Z started watching Jamie Oliver podcasts. That was when his live of “play cooking” started. When he’d play, he would mimic what JO did – step by step explanations of what needs to be done. You can see he has an elaborate setup here.

I love this dress on V. I had reused Ly’s old dress shirt and made a dress out of it. I think I might pass it on to Lila once V outgrows it. It would be sentimental for Ly I think.


Today we went to IKEA and Canadian Tire. V likes cinnamon buns, apparently and frozen yogurt.


I’m becoming terrible at keeping up with my blog. I find myself not having enough photos of Z. So here is what I’ve got.

When Z is at camp, M, V and I head to avenue rd. we usually go to Starbucks and sit and catch up while v naps. Here she saw something on the street and is seriously studying it.

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