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Camp: week 2

This morning, while getting ready to leave the house to go to camp, Z started dreading and crying. I hate him getting upset over it. Camp is fun and I know he has fun it he just misses me there. He always says to me, “Come with me.”. I wish I could be invisible.

On the way there, while driving, we managed to “coach” him to get him to be more excited about camp. We even asked what snacks he’d like us to bring when we come pick him up. And guess what? No tears when we dropped him off. We were so relieved. At last, a happy camper.


After the kids’ naps, we took them to the Owen playground. It’s one of my favorites because it has mulch instead of sand, and the equipment is fairly new and shiny. Lots of fun stuff to do. V was so thrilled with the colourful parts of the playground.


This is how our day started. Z gave V a kiss and it just made my heart melt.

V in a pretty dress.

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