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1st Time Away from Home

Ok, so this morning we dropped Z off at his school for a half-day summer camp. Queenie, the principal, had been looking forward to having him at the school ever since we went for a visit this was way before we even decided to send him to school there. As soon as we pulled up to the driveway, she was eagerly waiting for Z, excitedly scooping him up from the car seat and whisking him away. I think I even missed the chance to say bud to him and tell him I love him.
Within seconds of us driving away, M and I felt sad. Even V was quiet in the back – as if she also sensed the absence of her big brother. We tried to busy ourselves do as not to think about him too much it was hard. It was the very first time he was away from us and it was with new people.
We were late picking him up and that probably compounded his anxiety. Upon seeing our car pull up, he was so excited and happy It made me feel better. But we also learned, after quickly asking his camp counselors, that he cried for an hour after we dropped him off. Our hearts sunk when we heard this. We felt bad.
We could tell he wasn’t entirely happy about his first day. As the day went on, after his nap, I casually inquired shout camp. He mentioned that there was no snack otter than a chocolate Popsicle and there was no real food he was hungry. Sigh. Poor kid. He also didn’t want to go swimming so he ended up playing basketball instead.
I also found out that he wanted me there the entire time – he really missed me. I hope he has a better time tomorrow. Our little boy has grown up.


It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to see my two kids playing together. After I put V in the swing, I went inside the house to check on something. Z was out playing as well. When I came back I found him pushing V on the swing. How sweet!

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