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An IEP for Sleep

If you are a teacher, you are used to the various acronyms that surround the world of teaching. If not, an IEP stands for Individual Education Plan – usually for the Gifted/Special Education students.
What does this have to do with sleep? Well, since being back from traveling, we have been continuously trying to “fix” Z’s sleep patterns. The 6-he time difference really did a number on him. Little V has adjusted back already and it took her only 2 days.
Let’s just say that the days and nights since we’ve been having have been rough. Z’s behaviour is different – tantrums are common and sleep issues abound. For example, he went to sleep without a fuss for bedtime and didn’t ask for a song. However, he was up from 12-1:10 am making ridiculous requests with lots of screaming and years. “Stay. Another song. Don’t, daddy. No, stay. Song. Song. I want mommy!”. Heart wrenching to listen to.
Nap times have also been a challenge. Often we have had to literally pick him up and take him upstairs while he whines or cries. I’ve also had to sing to him and there’s only so many times you can sing a song – a kid’s song, that it.
For bedtime tonight, even after repeatedly asking for a song, I just rubbed his face and back. I stayed in his room beside his bed and waited for him to fall asleep. Before he fell asleep, he checked to see if I was there 3x. I just hope he will not wake up again tonight.
Food is another area of challenge lately. He’s been coughing
(nothing serious) and gagging if he does not want to eat. I’m
Hoping that he will be back to himself soon since camp starts in 2 days and I want him to have a good time.

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