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Whenever Z and I play with play doh, V also wants to play. She will actually eat it and the HEMA one is salty. So I give her the tub and she squeezes the pack because she likes the feel and the sound it makes.

After his nap, I persuaded Z to go to the playground since its such a nice day. On the walk there this is the conversation that transpired.

Z: I don’t want to go to the playground because there will be some kids that will push me.
Me: Were there kids that pushed you here?
Z: No, not here. At Vondelpark, when I was at the bouncy castle, a kid stepped on my face.
Me: Well, that was at Vondelpark. The kids here are nice. Aren’t they?
Z: yeah. The big kids were nice to me and they played with me.

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