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At the apartment we are staying, there is no high chair for V. So come mealtimes, one of us usually sits on the floor with her while she sits in a recliner. Something clicked in my head this afternoon and I placed a large cushion on Z’s chair so he can sit without going on his knees. Then it occurred to me to put Vs recliner on the chair. Voila! It fit. (May not be the safest but at least she could be with us for mealtimes.) I gave her crayons to let her draw. She wasn’t too interested. She wanted to rip the pages more than color.

Z loves to watch podcasts. Some of his favourites include the cooking ones with Jamie Oliver. He’s completely fascinated with watching people cook. During quiet play time, we were making vegetables and fruits with play doh. He requested celery and he wanted to grate it “because that’s what Jamie Oliver does”. Then he asked for cooking goggles, too. So funny.


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