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The Past Few Nights

These threads are conversations between M and I while in the apartment. The nights when we are each with the kids, settling them back, we use text to communicate with each other. I think some are funny.

Up to u

No can do. She’s on the nipple.
Go to sleep
I’m in bed
Lovey u
Love u too
He’s congrsted. How’s V?
Spo sorry I was sleeping
Its ok. I’m onthecouch waiting for him to fall asleep
It got quiet. I’ll wait 10 min before going back in
U sleep there or here
There is no point for me to be there
I don’t want to wake her
He’s asleep. It seems. I should go into his bed? Whatdo u think? If he wakes again he might be very upset.
You will deal with him or do you want me to take over?
No luck. Still awake
So what is he plan?
The plan?
I can rock him to sleep
I stay with him. U stay with her.
You sure?
Ask him
I think he’s sleepy now because he is quiet

Ill ask
wat he say
He sta he’s ok. I told him if hes not asleep in the next 5 u will rock him
So I wait

K. I hope thesenights don’t last. It is getting better but it’s rough.
I was pretty much sleep before now wide awake
I’m sorry
Dont worry about it. It wasn’t a dig
He seems out
He is trying u out there?
Yeah I am adjusting the laundry
Your pajamas are drying quick
U funny. Lol
Wanna wear them?
Tee her
I was sweating in your room
Hot thighs
The top window is open
He has a cough
He’s still awake
I can’t sleep till I know he is.
So what should I do stay or go? Cuz I am not coming out again
I am scared of waking her
Up to u

He out?
Yes. Since 8:40.
She was rough going down.
I heard just now.
So wat do I do?
You tried rolling her over and she cried?
U have to finish the orange
I. If i ever get back out.
U think u can come out?
I hope so
What time did V fall asleep?
Honestly I don’t remember
Awhile ago

Before Zander

K. What u doin?
When did he wake up?
Shes cried out 2x since ive been here.
Both kids don’t want me
He starts wailing and it drives me crazy cuz he is inconsolable
I love you. Just bear with this. Any disruption in daily routines will affect their sleep. A couple more days should fix this.
She just cried out again. Thank goodness I made it back before she woke up.
Is he out?
U guys up?

What’s happening with him?
He is a little warm and snoring
Good sign – the snoring part. I hope this doesn’t last for a while.
We should get him up in the morning on schedule
Like 8
Sure. That’s fair. He gets around 9.5 hrs of sleep. Hopefully he can nap en route after NEMO and lunch. It will be good.
It’s researching what’s around it.
Where is it? I am going to look for a walking route
At the iJ tunnel. Go to. Google maps o
21 straight there

Not bad
Where do we get ticket fr the train?
Mmm. Not sure. I think Chinatown is close by too
U can get a 24-hr card for €7.50 pp from the driver.
Bus tram and all the other means of transport.
Let’s pay as we go tomorrow and see how much it will cost
Ok. There’s a lot of options it seems. It is confusing.
Okay I am going to sleep now
K. Goodnight. Love u.
Love verry much and miss u
Even though u 10 meters away
He was sad when I came in
I felt bad for him after I was looking thru his old pics on FB when he was one.
It’s really not his fault he can’t sleep.
We should remember to mail the form to Loida.
I was stern at first cuz u were upset w him
Then I was gentle
I just got impatient because he started playing and saying he was done.
I need to be more patient and gentle
I’m sure he’s having a hard time adjusting too.
Me too. I think we need to put ourselves in his shoes.
I feel bad
I just to cuddle him
He’s still little. Sometimes we expect a lot from him and forget he’s not even three yet.
He was whimpering just now
Do that. Makes me all teary. Awww. Bad dream?
Me too
Our kids want grow up so kwik

Anyways, sleep well. We’ll have more fun tomorrow.
U too
I know. They’re just too smart for us. Lol
Log you. I mean love you.
Tomorrow we should come home earlier so we can all snuggle on the couch before dinner.
It will be nice.
Buy a seat at lulus table fundraiser…
Huh? War do u mean?
An idea
You mean they get dinner in exchange for their ticket? Hmmm. I like it.
What r we fundraising for? (btw, u can’t sleep either, huh. ??)
He cried

Bad dream and he was sweaty but no fever. I think he has bad dreams when he is too hot.
V cried too
Was he feverish again?
I see. Blanket too heavy perhaps?
I think so but later at night he needs it

Good that he wasn’t feverish. It took short time to resettle?
Was my clipping of nails too loud?
Sorry of it was

He is talking in his sleep. “it’s not hurting any More!”
Has he woken up more than once?

I had to rock just now and she still couldn’t settle
No he is out.
Wanna trade ?
Up to u

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