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It has been a rough 4 nights with the kids’ sleep. Z finally started sleeping longer and not waking up several times. Last night was the first time he didn’t stay up like he used to – for over 3 hours. He got up twice but M was able to resettle him quickly.

As for V, she usually wakes up often – like every hour of less sometimes, looking for me. She does this even when I’m in bed! She asks to nurse every time she wakes and will drink milk as well. Her dinners have been very good – much better now that she has two teeth partially out. Dinner consisted of boiled potatoes, chicken thighs and broccoli, which both kids ate happily.

Tonight, M put V down while I got to spend some quiet time with Z. He did try to push his luck though, begging me to sleep with him tonight. It was 8:30pm by the time he fell asleep and he had to be sung to multiple times. V cried out once already but M was able to resettle her.

Right now we are sitting on the couch watching Game of Thrones. This is the very first time since we got here that we were able to relax with both kids sleeping. Hah, such a relief. Usually one of us or both are stuck with the kids. I have gone to bed early many a night, laying there texting M back and forth. Tonight we have headphones on instead.

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