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Today was a sad day because Z had a very rough night last night. Took 2 hrs to fall asleep at 10:30 pm finally, only to be up an hour later. Turns out, he was running a fever. Poor guy was so upset and inconsolable. I had to leave V and stay with him. When he finally fell asleep again around 2 am, he woke again – this time I don’t recall. What I do recall was that I was beyond exhausted. He was up at 6 an, clapping his hands. I couldn’t even open my eyes to talk to him.
The day was rainy and so we just stayed home most of the day. Just before lunch we went for a walk to C&A where we found lots of Spiderman things. A had been wanting a backpack ever since he saw one so we got him his own. He was so excited.
We mad e Z nap for the afternoon in an attempt to bring his schedule to what his normal TO schedule is. And he napped for 1.5 hrs. Dinner was not as bad. It he ate a little only. Then I suggested for the boys to go for a walk to the playground after dinner while input V to bed. They came back around 6:50 and V woke up just as I was greeting them. By 7:08 I had him in bed ready for sleep.
He wanted me to sleep with him tonight but I explained that V needed me to nurse. I left him and told him I would come back and check on him 5 min later and wanted to see him asleep by then. It took more than 5 but he was happy singing and talking to himself that undecided to leave him alone. I busied myself with laundry and tidying up the place. Before I knew it he was asleep at 7:20pm. I’m hoping he will have a much better night and wake up happy. I gave him meds for his fever.

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