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V and I woke up before the boys. I was up at 5:55am blogging and listening to the thunder. We spent some time together in our room taking pictures, snuggling and watching tv. She likes animals a lot and she screams so loud out of joy when she sees them. It’s funny.

This was one of the few times we caught the two kids playing together. Z was actually talking gently to V telling her not to eat the little figurines. I think being in a confined space makes Z more aware of his little sister and maybe interact with her more.

Inspired by Travel

M and I are thankful for vacations. For us a vacation is not complete without a trip away from home. This summer we chose take our small family to the wonderful city if Amsterdam.

Only less than 2 days into our stay, we got inspired. Our time in Toronto is great – don’t get us wrong, but we have way too much stuff and I think it is hampering our creativity. Seriously, we do have a lot of clutter. We KNOW! And this became even more apparent yesterday when we were at a playground.

Our place of stay here in NL is very minimal. A 2 bedroom apartment on the 4th floor, with no elevator and fancy things. Really, the kitchen is tiny and only one person can walk through at a time. No oven, just a microwave and a 4-burner gas range, a bar fridge, and a 2-in-1 washer dryer. Yes, all that are in the kitchen.

The bedrooms have one dresser and armoire each. Heck the other room doesn’t even have a door! The main area is a cozy living room with a small wall-mounted tv, a couch with a chaise (IKEA Kivik – funny how know the IKEA product names so well), and a small muti-purpose table.
If we can survive here for 3 weeks, why not forever? This was precisely the thought that led us to a discussion bout of downsizing.

Yes. We would do this in TO. Find a 3/4 bedroom apartment and rent out our house – top and bottom. Make some extra income. Our experience with Airbnb has been nothing but positive so far. We would like to continue it. Intact, as of Tuesday, we have a family of 4 from Sudbury, Ontario, staying at our place. And guess what? Their 2-yr old is in HEAVEN with all the toys we have for her to play with!!! I
Mean, really, as a parent, isn’t that awesome?

So, back to downsizing. That would allow us to also be more mobile because we wouldn’t have so many belongings to pack up. We love traveling so much and living in different cities that we are very tempted to move from Canada to Europe. Not sure where yet but we do have some favorites. Like Florence, Amsterdam, Berlin, to name a few.


It’s not so often that Z sits down to play with his toys. This morning we did, together. He actually went to sit on the poof and brought his cutting board, knife and play veggies to cut in a stool. So smart!

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