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This morning for breakfast, Z wanted a chocolate banana peanut butter smoothie. So M and him made it together.

V loves to stand and can pretty much pull herself up on most things. She is going to be walking before her first birthday. I can just feel it.

The Chaos Subsides

Today is the first time since Monday that Z has been almost back to normal. He was having a fever and still has canker sores in his mouth. It makes him very irritable and irrational. Lunch was a battle with him. M and I took turns dealing with him. He finally settled down and went to sleep.

Here are the things that have been occurring as a result of him being unwell. Lack of appetite for food – except for sweets. Neediness – wanting more than one song for nap and bed times. Resistance to toothbrushing. Waking up several times in the night crying. Waking early and needing one of us to go into his room. And a few more things.

Naptime was relatively easier – compared to lunch. I gave him a quick shower and he let me tuck him in without any song. That’s a big step forward – and he slept for 2 hours on his own. Bedtime tonight was also smoother – almost back to normal. No songs and no multiple visits to his room after we tucked him in. Let’s hope for no wake ups tonight and a reasonable wake up time tomorrow morning.

I’m happy he is slowly returning to his normal self as we leave for our trip on Monday. With so much to do to prep for the trip I don’t want to worry about him being unwell. V, I’m kit so worried, because she sleeps with us most times anyway. We will just sleep train her when we get back

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