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Well, for starters, Z slept in till 7:30 am. He woke up feeling refreshed. His appetite, though, is still not back, due to the sores in his mouth. It hurts for him to eat. As for V, it seems that she is also suffering – from teething pains. Poor kids. I hope they feel better in time for our flight next Monday.

Mornings are a time for the kids to hangout in our bed – especially while M and I take turns getting ready. Z plays with the iPod touch, while V plays with M’s blackberry phone.

Gross motor skill-wise, V is perfecting her pulling up to standing skills and her crawling. Here she looks like she is standing without support. Although earlier on, she stood up using the coffee table as support, took M’s wallet off the table and held it with both hands. This could only mean she was standing in her own two feet – and she was, for about 10 seconds! It was very impressive.

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