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Double Trouble

Today started out very good. We had breakfast at our favorite place – Leslie Cafe. Both kids ate well. Then we went to Costco to try and order contact lens but had to go to 1st Markham Place instead.

When we got home I planned to feed both kids lunch. Neither one of them had an appetite. To make matters worse, they were also running a fever. Z’s nap lasted for only 45 minutes and V had a shirt one, too. Under an hour. As the afternoon progressed their fevers got worse and they got cranky. The smallest thing would set Z into big tears.

There was one point when both were crying and only wanted me. Z had been going to bed much later – 8-8:30 and I think his immune system got compromised. V, being a baby, just happened to be around for whatever bug got to Z. I took them both up to our bed and was even seriously contemplating on them sleeping in our bed for the night.
Z watched episodes of The Octonauts while I nursed V in bed – in an attempt to have both kids sleep in our room. M even hauled Z’s couch into our room so he could sleep in it.
In the end, Z is in his bed and V will be in our bed shortly. I’m praying for a not-so-bad night so we ate going to bed now.
Oh oh. I think I just heard Z crying and calling out to us. Damn. He only fell asleep about 40 minutes ago. I guess it is going to be a rough night after all.

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