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9 months update

At nine months, Vs development has suddenly exploded. She’s crawling, pushing to sit up from her tummy, pulling up to stand on her own and cruising between furnitures. She also lets go From whatever she’s holding on to.

Language-wise, she knows wave, blow kiss, kiss and clap hands. V also will start doing the hand motion to Twinkle Twinkle when she hears the word twinkle. Then she claps after the song.

For the last week, V has been telling us that she doesn’t want to sleep in her crib at all. She wakes up less than an hour after she goes in and opens her eyes as soon as I start to move to get up. The solution was to being her into our bed.

When in our bed, she is so comfortable and content. She even turns to sleep on her side and then onto her tummy, where she stays for a while. I love being able to watch her face – so peaceful and content.

So we don’t get to sprawl out on the bed and cuddle but it’s not forever. In fact as soon as we come back from our trip we are going to sleep train her. We’re also waiting for her to get her first tooth.

There’s so much going on for her now. Even her ability to roll over and sit up from tummy is keeping her from sleeping through longer stretches. As well she has been crawling and practicing in her skills a lot She is so fast at getting around the house now Milestones can cause night awakenings


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