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Please don’t go

Lately V has been sleeping in our bed at an earlier time than usual. Tonight was no exception. She had a hard time falling asleep in the first place and woke up crying within the first hour. After two attempts at trying to resettle her in her crib, I just brought her into our bed. I nursed her to sleep, waited at least 10 minutes before going downstairs. Then I heard her cry 15 minutes later. So up I went again to nurse her. fter I detached, this is what she did. Funny, huh?



This is Z, after eating chocolate Ice cream. He usually does a dessert dance when he’s eating one.

As much as it is work for me to wear V, I still love it. When I go back to work I’m going to miss it and the kids. After she wakes us, I sit on the couch to rest my back. Her favorite thing to do is lean her head on my chest. I love it. It makes me all warm and cozy inside.

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