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Still Sleeping

Today has been a busy day. We left strawberry picking around 12:45pm and drive home, hoping the kiddies would nap on the way back. Well, one of them did – V. Z stayed up playing games on the iTouch.

By the time we got home, V woke up. Z was so cranky because he was so exhausted. He has been up since 5 am. We totally thought he’d be exhausted and conk out in the car. I had to sing to him 2 songs to help him fall asleep. It was minutes after 2pm when he finally fell asleep. He just woke up and it’s 4:25pm.

I tried nursing V to sleep on our bed but she ended up just playing after she finished nursing. So I took her downstairs and wore her. She has been asleep since 3:15pm. She might wake now that Z is here.

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