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Still Sleeping

Today has been a busy day. We left strawberry picking around 12:45pm and drive home, hoping the kiddies would nap on the way back. Well, one of them did – V. Z stayed up playing games on the iTouch.

By the time we got home, V woke up. Z was so cranky because he was so exhausted. He has been up since 5 am. We totally thought he’d be exhausted and conk out in the car. I had to sing to him 2 songs to help him fall asleep. It was minutes after 2pm when he finally fell asleep. He just woke up and it’s 4:25pm.

I tried nursing V to sleep on our bed but she ended up just playing after she finished nursing. So I took her downstairs and wore her. She has been asleep since 3:15pm. She might wake now that Z is here.

Strawberry Picking

Today was a great day for strawberry picking. The weather was mild – not hot not cold And not too sunny. We met up with our friends, A and M and their 21 month old daughter.

Z discovered that there was much joy to feeding the goats. At first he was hesitant and once he realized the goats didn’t bite he was eager to feed them.

For ease, we left the stroller in the car. I wore V in the wrap and let Z walk. He didn’t even want to be carried at the end. It was a good idea to wear her because it’s good practice for when we travel to Amsterdam. She was happy the entire time and when it came time for her nap I just covered her and she went to sleep for 45 minutes.


We love Costco. Our kids love it even more. They get to snack while we shop. Who doesn’t love that? V got to eat some Kozy Shack Rice Pudding, Indian Naan and drank some Danone Actimel. She loved it.

Z loves all the samples. Today was especially good because they had nutella on naan. His face had chocolate all over it by the time he was done. Then we still ate lunch. What an appetite.

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