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The subject of sleep has always been a sensitive issue for me – especially when it comes to my kids. Z and V haven’t been having restful sleeps lately. Naps for them are always on the short side. V takes 30 min naps at moSt of she is not on me. To make matters worse, teething doesn’t help either.

Speaking of the T-word, I sure hope at least one tooth comes out before our trip so she can have some relief at least. Starting 2 nights ago, she was waking up several times and unable to settle back to sleep. She is irritable and restless – even when she is in bed or in the rocker nursing.

Tonight, she fell asleep at 5:30 pm because she only had a total of 1 hr for sleep and her last one ended at 1:30 pm. So she was exhausted. Plus she didn’t sleep well last night. And this time around the Advil didn’t help at all.

She woke up screaming less than an hour into her sleep. M went to pick her up to rock her and she fell asleep almost immediately but suddenly woke up screaming and inconsolable. V wanted me and so did Z. I felt bad having to stop reading with him because she needed me. Bedtime for Him was also rough because I couldn’t kiss him goodnight.

I brought her into our bed to nurse but she just couldn’t settle. At one point she even rolled over to her belly and started to sit up. She had a confused look on her face. I finally decided to wear her in the wrap to see if she would sleep longer stretches at least.

Now I’m in the tv room watching tv while she sleeps on me. M is outside working on the lawns and will be going to IkEA with Darcy for the midnight madness sale.

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