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Are You Awake?

Z has been napping for no more than 1.5 hrs everyday. It seems to be his max lately. M and I hope he doesn’t drop his nap before he turns 3.

For Vs last nap I like to wear her because I can extend her sleep to an hour and sometimes, more. Today she was very fussy and I couldn’t why. Z was also challenging at naptime – I had to go back in a few times to find out why he was crying.

1. Change my socks. (these didn’t have non-slip dots for some reason.)
2. Change my shirt (I gave him a diaper shirt to prevent his shirt from riding up.)
3. Stay. (He was way too exhausted and I caved and sang him a song. He was out fast.)

Usually Z will wake up during Vs nap – around the last 10-15 min of it. He eventually wakes her with his voice. But not today. I saw him wake up and lie on his back at the bottom of his bed. (i have given him permission to come down on his own after he wakes so he doesn’t have to call out for me.). Minutes later, I looked back on the monitor and I couldn’t locate him in the mess of the graphic print of his duvet cover. (everything looks different in a black and white monitor.)

I gingerly crept up the stairs and peeked into his room. V was on me and I was praying she wouldn’t make a peep or else she would wake him. There he was at the bottom of the bed, in child’s pose, still sleeping. I guess he must’ve fallen back asleep! He probably was on his way out of the bed since I found him literally in front of the opening of his bed.

Funny, huh?


Today I didn’t take any good shots if the kiddies. Got busy I guess. Our friend Marlene and Carter 10 months old came over for a playdate and lunch. He seemed to have been entertained by Z.


Here are V and Carter.

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