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This is one of the few times when both kids played side by side. They were making cookie dough and I gave each of them a bowl and a whisk.

I love hearing giggles from kids – especially mine. Z loves hearing Tom the Cat repeat his words. It makes him giggle hard.

This is V after eating mashed potatoes. She liked it alright. Then she decided to play peekaboo with her hands and smear mashed potatoes all over her hair and face.

On a different note, V started crawling today! She’s so good at it for first timer. Watch out, gates are going up!

“sshhh. No talking.”

The weather is humid today and I didn’t feel like going out with the kids. Besides the stroller is in the car and Ms got the car. Needless to say, we watched a lot of tv.
After Z’s lunch, I took some cushions off the couch to sit with V. He thought to use them On the floor between the couch and the coffee table to make a pretend bed. He then said to me, “I’m going to sleep. No talking.”. As I got up to go to the kitchen to check on lunch, I heard Z say, “No stomping when I’m sleeping. Sshhh.”. It made me laugh.
Going up for his nap time initially presented a little bit of challenge because he insisted in “sleeping” downstairs. So I told him I was going to go upstairs to put V in the crib and get him after, kicking and screaming.
By the time I got up to the top of the stairs, he was already trailing behind me saying, “I’m here now.”. I quickly got him to brush his teeth with his new Spiderman toothbrush and into his bed. A few minutes after I left his room, I heard him yelling, “Mommy. Mommy.”.
I walked into his room and asked why he needed me. He replied, “I have diaper?” as he clutches him plumbing. Then I realized I had forgotten to put a diaper on him and he had already started peeing and wet his sheet a little. So I had to put a towel down. Then he went to sleep.

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