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A Successful Date

Tonight we went out for a movie. M has been wanting to see The Avengers since it came out. This time around we decided to inform Z of our plan and I sort of had to bribe him as well. It worked – we were able to leave. As far as the kids waking up, wake up they did.

First it was V. From 9-9:20. Then at 9:30 Z woke up crying. I guess he was checking on us. Irene went to console him and he almost immediately went back to sleep. After the movie we had a mission – to fu d him a Spiderman action figure or backpack. So we went to the RCSS and then to Walmart. Second time around Z wakes around 10:50. We were already on our way home. He was very upset to find us not home yet.
To do some damage control, we brought the pjs we found him and it cheered him up he even wanted to change into them for sleeping. Now I’m with V nursing her. I’m going to try and out her back in the crib.


Look who’s on the iPod Touch! It’s V watching Sesame Street. Now we have enough devices for everyone to use. Haha.

I like this one, too. During lunch while I was feeding V, she was playing peekaboo with me. She is such a character.

I love Zs face – especially when he is happy. He loves to climb onto slides and is so brave that he will even go on the steep and high ones all by himself.

Octonauts crafting





Here are a few things I’ve made Octonauts style.

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