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Late Night Fun

Tonight V set a record for not waking up at her usual time in a pong time. Our friend was over and I just didn’t notice the time also. It was 11 pm by the time I looked at the clock. (To be honest I was also Octocrafting. See my post Octonauts Crafting.)
M had to go to her because I was in the bathroom. My eyes took a while to adjust in the dark so I had to take her from M all by feel. M had to warn me that she was backwards. I brought her in to bed and nursed her around 11:20pm.
She just fell asleep finally and it’s minutes after midnight. Within that time frame a lot of things happened. She nursed. She played with my face – pinching and twisting my nose, pinching whatever she can feel ( my cheeks, lips, even my nipple when she was done nursing). When she was done nursing she would roll onto her back and start talking, cooing and babbling. She also managed to turn herself 180 degrees and was kicking me in the ribs. Then i heard a loud fart as she arched her back and realized later (after hearing a few more) that she was pushing hard and rubbing her foot onto the sheets. It was all cute. But the truth was I needed to finish my blog posts for today (I couldn’t turn on my iPhone or else she would want to play with it.) badly before going to sleep. Then when she decided she was done playing, she started fussing and wanting to nurse again.
Oh there she goes again. I gotta go.


V has been practicing her crawling skills lately. Today I found her doing the plank in the playroom. She was so patient and quiet I didn’t even realize since I was busy crafting.

After lunch Z had a chocolate ice cream cone. By the time he was done he had a mustache of chocolate and it was so funny!

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