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Ever since we planted Tiny Tim’s last year, Z’s love for fresh-picked cherry tomatoes has grown. I had to move the location of this basket because he couldn’t stop picking them, even the green ones. He would eat them. Yuck. Z is excited for the tomatoes to ripen and I’m sure he’ll be the first to find them and eat them.

Lately V has been very fussy, especially around meal times sometimes I have to put her on the floor in the living room while we eat do she can just play. Whoever said that 2nd borns are much more laid back is totally wrong. V is not like that at all. In fact she demands so much more attention most times, I feel. Here she was playing and checking back on us. I love her pose. It’s so demure.


Homemade Bread

Today I decided to tackle the art of bread making. And guess what? I was successful. I found a recipe for mini baguettes from Fine Cooking and it was fairly easy.

Here is my little assistant. I love how he is so enthusiastic and wants to be part of everything I do in the kitchen. It’s great!

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