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Rough Start

What started out as a fairly calm night quickly turned into chaos. V had an hour nap for the afternoon and I was happy about that. She fell asleep in her room at 6:30pm, with much fussing. Z was in his room reading with M when he started to ask for me. So I went and read to him, snuggling him on my lap, as he eats his bedtime snack of grapes. This time is a special mommy time for him as I never seem to make enough time during the day with him. (I really should. I feel bad.)

While we were reading, V cried out and M went to her to try to console her. He had a rough time and had to ask me to switch with him. So I had to cut our time short and I was never able to go back to him, not even say goodnight. When it came time for him to go to sleep, he was very upset, crying and wanting to see me. And when I went to his room, holding V, he’d ask me to stay. I couldn’t so he got even more upset. M had to deal with him in the end, threatening to close the door if he continued to cry. In the meanwhile I was next door with V, in our bed, trying to nurse her back to sleep. Se stayed up for about 45 min before she resettled back to sleep.

Once she was asleep, I quietly crept out of bed and went downstairs to have some frozen yogurt and play with Lego (Yes, Lego. It’s my new hobby. I even admitted to M that I couldn’t help but touch it and play with it. I will post what I made so far soon.). For now, I’m signing off and getting ready for bed, before V wakes up again.

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