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Life with a PT Co-sleeper

V’s face is snuggled into my left arm as I type this post. Every night between 9-9:30pm, she wakes up. And no matter how much we try, she simply refuses to stay in her room. So she ends up in our bed.

Unfortunately, our neighbor was having a party up until about 9:30pm and had the music blaring. I had already nursed V but she just couldn’t settle. She kept poking her head up to try and figure out what that noise was. Sometimes I wake up to find her sleeping almost in my armpit. Funny.

Every website or book I’ve read about 8 month milestones says that this is a stable time in her life. I think it’s wrong because she is so clingy and most times will cry if I leave the room, even when she is with M. So naturally when she falls asleep, she wants to know and feel that I’m beside her. (She just moved her right arm and it’s resting on my inner elbow. Crap. There goes that music again. Seriously, I was so happy when if stopped. I’m going to have to go tell M to ask him to turn it down. Not nice at all.)

I just came back from Z’s room. The pounding music woke him up and it really upset him. I went next door myself to ask them to turn the music down. Here’s how loud it was. I rang the doorbell repeatedly for about 4 times. I rapped on the door, banged on it a few times and no one answered. So the next best thing to do was to let myself in.

Unfortunately M had to go back and tell them to turn it down more because Z could still hear it. He was told by her that they don’t do this all the time. It’s just inconsiderate especially knowing that we have two wee ones. I would never do that to anyone. Next time if they do that, there will be consequences.

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