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V has a witching hour – she usually wakes up around 9-9:30 pm, at which point, she refuses to go back to her car seat or crib.  How does she know?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that if I ever want to do anything, I have to do it and finish before that time.  So here is how I chose to spend that time limit.


Yesterday, I made this stir-fried tofu, green beans and mushroom dish that was a bomb.  M totally loved it and so did I.  So I wanted to make it again.  By the way, the secret to making crispy tofu that sops up yummy sauce is to use corn starch.  I used medium firm tofu (firm is too hard.  Medium gives the end result a nice contrast in texture – crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside.) and cut them into pieces just right so it does not fall apart while you are working with it.  Then you just coat it in corn starch and deep fry it till golden brown.  It stays crispy as long as you let it cool in the air, not in a container. Seriously, corn starch should a staple in your pantry if you love Chinese food.

The secret sauce is David Chang’s (Momofuku guy) Octo Vinagrette.  It’s from his Fried Chicken recipe which you can get here.  Make a big batch of the sauce because you will want to use it for everything.  Trust me.  The rest of the stir fry is just technicality.  Make sure your pan is smoking hot before you put the oil in.  Once the oil is in, you have to put the ingredients in or it will burn.


.Today, I found these cute scalloped cups for baking mini cakes or sponge cakes.  So I made it.  Here is the recipe.  Super airy and light.  Yum.  Pillowy softness.

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