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Secretly Content

It’s funny.  When M goes out, I get to ‘create’.  Whether be it cooking, sewing or baking, it’s my time to enjoy.  I know, most of you will think, “But, that’s work!”.  I love it.  In fact, when M gets home from work, I always trade off with him and as much as dinner needs to be prepped and cooked, it relaxes me.  So, secretly, I am happily content when I am home and the kids are asleep – let me reiterate, WHEN THE KIDS ARE ASLEEP.

Tomorrow is M’s sister’s bday and they are coming over for the morning and staying for lunch.  Again, I secretly enjoy cooking for them (even though they don’t put in the same effort when we come over, but that’s irrelevant.) because I get to make new things or let them try stuff I make.  They usually love it. 

The kids went down with some difficulty tonight. M had to go to V twice after I put her down and we ended up sleeping her in the car seat.  Z took a while to get settled, making tons of excuses and whining before going to sleep.  “My hair, it’s in my face (oh yeah, he has long hair hat he does not want cut. And we like it long, too.).”  Mixed in with some crying and whining, “My eyes, they’re (I’m not kidding.  This kid uses contractions.) wet.” “I poked my eye.”  Finally after about 15 minutes of trying to comfort him and talking him into sleep, he relents. 

So I rush down to the kitchen to start my creations.  (See next post for details.)

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