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Today was a good day for photos. Not like yesterday.

V is learning to crawl these days. While Z was napping I put her on the floor in the family room to play. I was also on the floor playing – with Lego. Within a few minutes I turned back to find her in front of the entertainment unit pawing at something. Upon closer inspection she was trying to get a Weeble out from the unit. She was so proud to have gotten there all on her own! Soon we will have to put gates up for her.

For the past few weeks now, V has been disliking bath time. She screams from the moment she sees the tub to when I dress her after. M suggested that we bathe the kids together to see if it would help. And here is what happened. As I was scrubbing V down with a washcloth, Z asked if he could have the cloth. Then he proceeded to scrub her back with it – gently. So sweet. V also enjoyed having him there – she got to splash the water in his tub since he had more than her.


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