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On sun, we had a picnic in Whitby with some friends. The weather was gorgeous and the company, even better. Z had a blast and got to play with the rocks, sand and the playground equipment.

V is wearing a hat that we bought at the GAP in Chicago while I was pregnant with her. It was so cheap, something like $4.97. The hat has a ladybug pattern – red with black dots. V looked so cute in it.


We went to the Evergreen Brickworks today. On the way home, Z wanted ice cream, which we didn’t get. So instead he had a cookie. He asked for a second one and we hesitated but gave it to him anyway. Within minutes, he fell asleep holding it.

V has been sucking on her big toes lately. It makes me laugh because she make such loud sucking noises as if she really was enjoying her toe.

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