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Time with Z

Today was one of the rare times Z and I got to spend quality time together. m was napping V in the wrap. I wanted to take some photos of us together and then him kissing me. We kept missing a good shot so we multiples retakes and I love all of them. So here they are. Enjoy!



Weekends are a great opportunity for me to spend time with Z. During the week I’m usually wearing V when she needs to nap. M wears her in the weekends and he likes it. After Z’s nap, we spent the afternoon outdoors because it was so warm out. We were playing golf at first then we got to watering the garden.
It was hard to pull Z off the water so I enticed him and diverted his attention to making a drink for the both of us. So in we went to make a piƱa colada (virgin, of course) and we sat on our beach loungers and relaxed and listened to music. Does Z not look like he was at the beach?

I’ve discovered a favourite food for V – frozen blueberries. I strip her of her clothes and let her feed herself. She is so autonomous and does an excellent job, too! Just one or two blueberries on the floor or in her chair.


After Z watched Emily Yeung knit a bean bag on Treehouse, he wanted to do the same, too. So I got him to help me fill the sewn squares with beans using a funnel. His patience lasted for 2.5 bean bags. Still, I think he did well and managed to get only a few beans on the floor.
On the way home from the Hillcrest Fun Fair, he put on these glasses. What a superstar he was and is!

Every so often I like to rearrange furnitures just to freshen up and update the look of some spaces, especially the family room. Now that the couch is against the window, V is able to stand against the back of the couch and look out the window. I just take off the back cushion. She loves it.

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