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A Problem is an Opportunity in Disguise

_[Just recently, I discovered that our upright freezer in the basement was leaking. As it turned out, the door was partially open. Everytime I open that freezer I always fear 2that it would not close all the way. It must have been open for at least a day judging from the amount of thawing in the meats and also the amount of ice accumulation inside the freezer.

So, on Friday, M and I had to cook all the remaining pork from the butcher. We had a pack of pork belly, 2 packs of ground meat and a piece of pork butt. We cooked the pork belly in the pressure cooker in a mixture of soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic and onions. It was delicious. M attempted to smoke the pork butt but instead, had an explosion of the pork fat in the BBQ, setting it on fire. The pork butt piece was charred on one side. I had to wash off the char and we ended up re using the extra sauce from the pork belly to cook the butt in the slow cooker. The ground meat was cooked simply with some shredded veggies and hoisin sauce, Perot for a lettuce wrap.

All night long, we were smelling pork goodness. It was hard to fall asleep without thing about it.

Today i attempted to make David Chang’s Steamed Buns. The recipe called for 5 1/4 c of flour and I was nervous about messing it up again. I stared the dough erly – 12:45p. It needed to proof three times before being steamed. By the time I steamed them, it was already after 5pm. They turned out delicious and super soft. I couldnt believe I made them.



I did come across a problem while preparing to steam. I did not want to steam 4 buns at a time and I had 2 bamboo steamers. So I improvised, or hacked it ( as M would say it), and used Chapstick to create a lift for the baskets so they wouldn’t be in direct contact with the water. Here it is. It worked perfectly.

Here’s the end result. Does it not look delectable?


I missed a post yesterday. So I’m making sure I post one today.

My little guy is such an athlete. From bowling to basketball, to golf and hockey, there is nothing he can’t do. The wether has been getting nicer lately so we spend more time outside. I ordered him a new golf set and he was so excited about it.


V is also enjoying the warmer days outside. She spends a lot of time on the swing since she starts eating grass if I put her down.

She was watching Z play golf. I went to get Z his cap and found a smaller one to put on her, too.


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