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The Fight Against Sleep

If V is not going to sleep I may as well relax and blog. Seriously, since 8:40 am, I’ve been trying to nap the little girl. She is fighting with every ounce of energy she has. I tried the wrap 3 times and the swing 2 times without much success.

Ok, look at this face. Why does she not look exhausted? Especially for someone who woke up at 5:30 am. She is also having some major teething issues – it’s beyond nursing. I just gave her a silicone teeter and I can hear the squeaking sounds her gums are making against it.

Maybe today will just have to be one of those days when she naps when she naps. I dont have the energy to fight it. I’m tired from last night…and every night in fact. I’ll see if she can nap on the deck. It will be good.

Finally, after being awake for 5 hrs, she is asleep on me. What this means is Z will be watching tv until lunch time, which is not the best situation, but what choices do I have? At least he is watching educational shows.


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