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Last night was rough. V woke up at 7:30pm, not long after I stepped out to go to the gym and shopping. My shopping had to be cut short because she wouldn’t go back to sleep with M. In the end, she had a hard time resettling and fell asleep only at 9:55 pm. Z woke up 3 times, all of which involved him crying and complaining about his knees hurting. M had to sleep in his room on the couch at the 4 am wake up Z was so tired he slept till 7 am – do rare!
Breakfast did not go so well for both kids. In fact, Z gagged and threw up while eating a grilled cheese sandwich and V just had no interest in eating anything that was on a spoon. So it’s a low key day, lots of tv and just taking it easy.

And here’s V taking her
Morning nap on me. I didn’t cover her and was more relaxed about her sleep today. I really need to stuck to her schedule of napping at 9. It just makes things easier.

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