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127/365 Substitute Blogger – Daddy`s Entry

Okay, L had a rough day and asked me to blog instead. `No Problem!` Here is what I know happened today.  V had a crappy day with naps.  They went to the local mall for some groceries and to the early years center.  They also stopped by the library and took out a bunch of basketball books.  L left for the gym and I suggested heading off to the Superstore where there`s a Goodlife.  V Woke Up.  F**k!  Earlier, we switched the white noise makers, giving her a louder one.  No good.  She still woke at 7:40pm.  I was running out of battery power in both blackberry and itouch… I was worried.  She fell back asleep for a 1/2 hour then totally lost her cool.  Ended up taking her down and watching TV until “Wawa” came home.  I had a little conversation with V.

She looks around; panic sets in. Whimpers. “Wawa?” Looking around, she repeats, “Wawa??” in a higher tone.

“V, mama’s not home.  You’ve got me. ” I say to her in a comforting tone.

“Hhrmm.”  She wasn’t convinced.

Z woke up at 10:40pm.   I hear crying and he’s calling me (daddy).

“Where are you?”, I ask, hoping he’s in his big bed still.  There’s no response. I walk in the dark till I bump into his bed.  He’s still in there.  “What’s wrong?”  I find him compressed against the headboard.

“Why is the clock blinking?”  he asks in a sleepy voice.

“I think the power blew in your room.”  He says nothing. “Go back to sleep. Here is Papoo (the monkey) ”  “I wann song” “No, Zuzu.” “Where’s buddy….I WAAAnnnnnn sonnng.” he was already falling asleep.

Otherwise, it was a normal day…

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