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A Walk in the Park

Why waste a beautiful day indoors? Or still yet, driving? The other day I discovered a fantastic path from Brookbanks Dr. I took the kids there on my own and V slept on me for 1:40. Today, the 4 of us went there to enjoy the

    1. weather.
      The morning started out on the cool side but now it is a lot warmer. Z got to walk around and throw stones/rocjks into Deerlick Creek. After the park, we walKed to Tim Horton’s to get a coffee and muffins. Then it occurred to us. “Why not walk to the Longos plaza at YM to have lunch with the Barwins? After all, V needs to nap and how long will it really take? And if worse comes to worst, we can always hop on the bus home!”
      So here we are, walking along YM. Z fell asleep listening to LMFAO on repeat. I’m Sexy and I Know It. . V fell asleep before Z but I have a feeling they did at the same time. Anyway, we just passed Don Mills. Probably another 10 minutes. M and I are going to be famished.

  • 124/365

    I thought to experiment and take some close up photos of V and here’s one of my favorites.

    After Z woke up from his nap he asked for candy. I have a stash that is on top of the fridge at the very back. He is choosing a few to enjoy.

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