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V has learned to be a cheeky monkey. She likes to hide her face into a chair back or cushion, looking from one side and smiling. Our Ektorp couch is much loved, even our kids love it – especially the cushions. V has figured out how to bury herself in between the cushions. She loves it and starts giggling when I start to attack her.

After bath, we peel and cut a Bosc pear for Z. It’s his bedtime snack and he loves it. Sometimes, it’s an apple – depends on what we have. I love his hair after its freshly washed and blow dried. Yes, I said blow dried. His hair is so long it’s past the middle of his back. Even I don’t get the same treatment for my hair as he does. Everywhere he goes, people always admire his beautiful hair. And that is one big reason not to cut it.

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